Debt collection agencies have a bad reputation. mark-995567_640
Debt collectors can use abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices. Some collection agencies buy consumer debt. There is also a conflict of interest when bailiff’s offices act as a collection agency with their duties as judicial officers.

We are mainly focused on streamlining  your invoicing processes. Starting with your Terms and Conditions up-to debt recovery.

Aggressive sales methods, sloppy invoicing, or inconsistent accounts receivable management can negatively impact your cash flow. Optimizing the whole order-to-cash process can benefit the bottom line.

Before taking action we try to determine why an invoice is past due. Is the invoice unclear? Is your client unsatisfied with your product or service? Is the debtor unable to pay? Making a distinction between a unwilling debtor and a debtor who is unable to pay can avoid a costly debt collection process.

NPNC can organize the communication between all relevant parties. We can act as a an independent third party to promote a efficient debt collection process. We can provide the legal and organisational know-how.